Becoming a Chartered Scientist

Information on becoming a Chartered Scientist and how to complete the online application is contained in the following documents:
CSci Standards of Application 2021
CSci Competence Report Template
CAP Manual (For Applicants)


Candidates for CSci must be able to demonstrate that their knowledge is at an M-Level equivalence either through experiential learning or by having completed an M-Level course. This is because Chartered Scientist is set at the same high level as other chartered titles such as Chartered Mathematician and Chartered Engineer, with the exemplifying educational standard being at M-Level. 

Application Criteria

The applicant must meet the following criteria: 

  • HCPC Registered Podiatrist 
  • Member of the College of Podiatry holding the MCPod or Fellowship (FCPodM or FCPodS)
  • BSc(Hons) Podiatry / Podiatric Medicine or the D.Pod.M or BMedSci Podiatry  
  • a minimum of four years in full-time podiatry-related employment 
  • Master’s degree in Podiatry (or a cognate discipline) or a doctoral degree or if not the holder of a Master’s degree the candidate will during the application process select the M-Level equivalence route.

To apply to become a Chartered Scientist (CSci) of the College of Podiatry, see the CAP Manual for Applicants (link provided above) and please click on the following link to access the online application portal.

Renewal of CSci Status

As with HCPC Registration, Chartered Scientists are required to renew their registration each year and to confirm that they have engaged in CPD activity.  The current renewal fee is £45.00 which is paid annually.

To ensure that our members are actively carrying out CPD a small number of our Chartered Scientists are required to be audited each year.  New chartered scientists are exempt from being audited in the first year of their CSci membership.    Login and you can go to the Members area for more information.