We hold the following type of documentation and archive material

  • Annual reports
  • Artefacts relating to the history of podiatric medicine
  • Articles of association, contracts and agreements
Feet for Life Campaign 1979
  • Brochures, leaflets, posters and College publications
  • Correspondence (business and personal)
  • Journals (digital versions are available to members) - British Journal of Chiropody 1933-1988, British Journal of Podiatry 1998-2007,The Chiropodist 1914-1987, The Chiropodist and JBPM 1988-1997, Chiropody Practitioner 1934-1945, Chiropody Record 1928-1929,1933,1939,1942, National Association of Chiropodists – Pedic Items 1927,1928,1929,1933, Podiatry Now 1998-2008, Search Magazine 1990-1997


CF Bally Advertisement 1889
  • Membership Listings
  • Minutes
  • Newspaper and magazine cuttings
  • Photographs
On Your Feet Promotion
  • Policies, strategies, organisational charts
  • Rare publications relating to the study of podiatric medicine
  • Textbooks relating to podiatric medicine and associated disciplines

1. "Feet Rule Ok!" promotion during 1979 (featuring West Ham Football Club Players: L to R - Bryan “Pop” Robson, Pat Holland, Trevor Brooking and David Cross)
2. Promotional postcard for Bally Shoes 1889
3. "On Your Feet" promotion 1970s?