Accreditation and approval

In this section you will find information on the College's accreditation and approval process for the support workforce, for undergraduate and postgraduate courses and for short courses.

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The support workforce can apply for assessment for free – limited offer for the first 50 applications until 31 March 2024

Select which accreditation process you are interested in

Whether you're a foot health support worker aiming to gain accreditation for NHS work or a representative from a Higher Education Institution seeking approval for a new course, discover all the necessary information, documents, and processes right here.

Accrediting the support workforce

Information on accreditation of the support workforce programmes and accreditation of individual support workers.

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Accrediting undergraduate and postgraduate programs

Information on the accreditation and visit process for Higher Education Institutions.

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Approving short courses (CPD)

Information on the process for short course (CPD) approvals.

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