Trade Union Support 

The Royal College of Podiatry (RCPod) was established in 1945 as the Society of Chiropodists. It was recognised as a negotiating body by the National Health Service in 1948, and registered as a trade union in 1978.

RCPod is an independent trade union listed with the Government’s Certification Officer and subject to all aspects of industrial relations legislation. Being listed in this way means that we meet all the legal requirements of being a trade union.  

Royal College of Podiatry Union: what we do 

Broadly speaking, we operate at two levels: 
At national level 
Through our Employment Relations Committees we:  

  • Negotiate with Government representatives and departments to influence Government policy in respect of employment and professional issues
  • Work to protect the employment rights of members
  • Produce information and guidance for members and local representatives, to ensure those rights are maintained
  • Negotiate pay and conditions of service within the NHS
  • Work through the TUC to campaign for equal rights, equal pay, satisfactory working conditions and improved health and safety
  • Monitor and interpret the effects of employment Legislation
  • Provide legal assistance and advice when appropriate
  • Organise education programmes for representatives
At local level 
Through our network of Union Reps: 

  • Provide individual support, advice and representation
  • Protect the employment rights of individuals and groups at work
  • Stay in contact with our members
  • Negotiate local terms and conditions such as car parking and overtime.

Not just for NHS 

The work we do is vital and affects the lives of members both at and away from the workplace. 

However, it is not just members in the NHS that we support it is all our members. Whether you are a podiatrist working in private practice, retail, industry, teaching, the military, prisons, are a manager, a surgeon, an assistant/technician, or an employer our job is to support you. 

Private Practice Support 

We offer specialist support both to podiatrists who work in a private setting as well as those who run their own business – whatever your employment issue is – we have the answer and advice that you need. 

All you need to do is join us 

For further information contact the Employment Relations Department, by emailing or call us on 020 7234 8631