Foot Health Week 2024

Foot Health Week 2024 starts on Monday 22 April and finishes on Sunday 28 April. #UKFootHealthWeek24

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Foot Health Week 2024

Foot Health Week starts on Monday 22 April and finishes on Sunday 28 April.

Good foot and lower limb health is essential to our mobility, our health and our quality of life. They are the reason we journey, travel, exercise and live. Podiatrists help people to stay active and pain-free.

What do we want to achieve?

We want to support you to talk about podiatry and create a better understanding of the profession – what it is and why it matters. Your patients, your community and the people you work with will know more about podiatry and the impact it has on people’s lives.

How is the College going to help?

We’re updating our resources now, and they will be ready at the end of March. Keep checking this page and your emails for the launch of this year’s campaign resources and how to use them.

We're making lots of resources available, including:

What can I do to help this Foot Health Week?

There are three things you can focus on this Foot Health Week:

  • Talk about podiatry: Weave podiatry into every conversation you have and help people understand this special profession. Go out and give educational talks and presentations, speak to your patients, or give speeches at local schools.
  • Promote podiatry as a career: It’s a fantastic career for so many, and people need to know about it. From young people starting to think about their professional careers, to career-changers in healthcare and beyond; you can even use our updated careers page to share information
  • Plan activities: it can be anything – an event in your practice, a community walk, or a drop-in session for the public.