Short course (CPD) approval

Applying for CPD course approval

Course organisers running a course for use within podiatry are welcome to submit their course, via an application form along with relevant documentation, to the Royal College of Podiatry (RCPod) for approval. The content must be podiatry specific with references to clear a evidence base and uses of the proposed techniques within podiatry. If the subject is deemed to be an extension of practice, we especially recommend that approval is sought to ensure that our members who attend this course will be covered by their RCPod insurance to use the techniques learnt; although RCPod approval is not mandatory our members are more likely to attend courses that are approved by the RCPod as they are viewed as more credible.

The application process

An administration fee of £550.00 is payable to the RCPod (via cheque, debit/credit card payment or bank transfer - please liaise with to make a payment) and must accompany the application form with all other available and relevant correspondence:

  • A copy of the full programme or timetable
  • A copy of the course syllabus (to include evidence-based content)
  • All specified learning materials or handouts
  • A copy of the evaluation form (template available)
  • A list of lecturers and brief CVs
This administrative fee covers the cost of the approvals process and is payable regardless of the outcome of the review panel.

Upon receipt of your fee, your application and supporting documents will be forwarded to the review panel made up of representatives from both the Committee for Academic and Clinical Governance and the Faculty of Podiatric Medicine for assessment. Expert reviewers will be invited onto the panel when required. During this time, they may request additional information or clarification, and this will always be sent to you in writing. Once all queries have been satisfied, your application will then be referred to the Committee for Academic and Clinical Governance for ratification.

Approval for successful applications is granted for three years and the course can be run as many times as required, subject to receipt of ongoing information. Re-approval will need to be sought when the three years are up or if significant changes are made during the approval period. Approved courses will be advertised to members via the RCPod members' website and via its communication channels.

Send your completed Course Approval application form and supporting documentation to:

(For assistance with completing the form please see Course Approval guidance for course organisers )

CPD points

CPD points can be assigned to your course and should be calculated as follows: "One hour of activity equals one CPD point" (excluding breaks). Once you have calculated the CPD points for a course, you can confirm this to attendees by way of a certificate or letter of attendance, or both. The College will update members’ records and issue certificates of attendance after each course has taken place, and upon receipt of the following:

  • A signed register of participants (preferably typed), giving full names, membership numbers and current addresses
  • A summary evaluation form 
  • Administrative fee of £5.00 per person

Please note: we strongly recommend applications are submitted at least six months before the course is first due to take place, as this allows time for any feedback and adjustments to be relayed to and considered by the applicant. It also increases the likelihood of your course being included in The Podiatrist, the journal that our members receive bi-monthly.