Many members who are UK taxpayers are currently entitled to tax relief on their annual membership subscriptions, which can lead to a considerable saving against  their membership. Details are outlined on our website and they can also be found here. If you do not currently claim, it will help you check if you are eligible.

However, not so many members will know that they may be able to claim additional allowances.

For example, podiatrists who are employed may be able to claim tax relief for the cost of laundering their uniform. There is a flat rate expenses deduction that can be claimed when two tests are met:

  • That it is a ‘uniform’ as opposed to a general requirement to be corporate, eg, in the sense of being required to wear a particular colour of blouse/shirt/trousers/dress to work; and
  • That the employer does not provide a laundering facility. If the employer provides a laundry service and the member chooses not to use it there can be no relief claimable.

More details can be found here. It lists podiatrists/chiropodists under Category 2. This means that podiatrists who have to launder their uniform can claim a £125 flat rate expense deduction from 2014/15. Before this, it was £100.

A taxpayer can claim more than the annual amount (£125) but it may require them to provide evidence of the actual costs and circumstances.

Tax relief can be claimed back four years.

Please note:

The College of Podiatry does not give financial or tax advice – it is not authorised to do so – and this is purely to signpost members who may be eligible to relevant information.