The Podiatrist

Our regular membership magazine, The Podiatrist, is a first-class professional publication committed to promoting the highest professional values, practice and standards for NHS and self-employed, private podiatrists.

The magazine is a core member benefit that uses original journalism to ensure articles are dynamic and interesting, while keeping our members’ voices at their heart. It reflects the current state of podiatry through a mixture of features, interviews, case studies, news stories, latest updates from the College, and bite-sized information, such as infographics, fast facts and statistics, and ‘dos and don’ts’.

The Podiatrist is separated into three main sections:

  • The S&O (The Subjective and Objective) opening section sets the scene each issue, exploring the latest news, events and member views
  • The Practice covers what’s happening on the ground
  • The Evidence section uses clinical case studies and research papers to get members thinking about how they can use what they’ve learned in their practice.

Concise and accessible articles signpost members to further reading and resources for those wishing to explore a topic further, cover features take a deeper dive into subjects that matter most to our members, while the regular business article helps private practice podiatrists work smarter.

The magazine’s relaunch in 2021 has helped make it something our members and the profession can be proud of. It’s a space that tells the stories of the many wonderful NHS, private practice and academic podiatrists working today, shining a light on members’ experiences and interests as practitioners.

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