PRESS RELEASE: The vital role of podiatry in keeping people active highlighted by Scotland's First Minister

In the Scottish Parliament yesterday The First Minister of Scotland, Nicola Sturgeon, highlighted the vital role of podiatry in keeping people active and ensuring people can get out and about.

In response to a question by Sharon Dowey MSP about access to NHS podiatry services, which have been restricted during the pandemic, the First Minister said:

“Podiatry services, like all the health services that people require, should be available on the NHS … podiatry services can make the difference between being able to get out and about and be active and not being able to do so.”

Podiatry will be absolutely crucial in supporting the recovery and rehabilitation of the population following the pandemic. Podiatry has a huge amount to offer within public health, including easing pain, increasing mobility, and improving physical and mental health.

In response to the First Minister’s comments, Steve Jamieson, CEO and General Secretary of The College of Podiatry said:

“The First Minister of Scotland is absolutely right to highlight the vital role of podiatry services in keeping people active and allowing people to get out and about.

Following the COVID-19 pandemic, many people have deconditioned as a result of decreased activity levels, so the role of podiatry teams across the country will be absolutely essential to support the rehabilitation and recovery of the population.

The College of Podiatry will be working in partnership with all stakeholders across Health and Social Care to ensure that the critical role which the podiatry profession has to play in this agenda is understood and implemented at all levels.”


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