Welcome (5 mins)
Matt Fitzpatrick, Chair, Royal College of Podiatry 
5.35pm National wound care. What does this mean for me? (20 mins)
Krishna Gohil, National Wound Care Strategy Lower Limb Lead
  Sponsor session (5 mins)
6.00pm Dermatology. The dermatoscope. What and where is it useful? (25 mins)
Dr Ivan Bristow, Adjunct Associate Professor, QUT and Podiatrist, New Forest
  Sponsor session (5 mins)
6.30pm Advanced clinical practice. How to be the best podiatrist you can be (25 mins)
Beverley Harden, AHP Lead Health Education England
  Sponsor session (5 mins)
7.00pm CRPS in clinical practice. What every podiatrist should know (20 mins)
Andrea Gledhill, Podiatric Surgeon, Lancashire
7.20-7.30pm Close of session
Matt Fitzpatrick, Chair, Royal College of Podiatry 

(This session follows the AGM which runs from 9.00-11.00)
11.30am Welcome (5 mins)
Matt Fitzpatrick, Chair, Royal College of Podiatry
11.35am The golden rules of referral to vascular surgery (15 mins)
Mr Naseer Ahmad, Consultant Vascular Surgeon, Manchester NHS Foundation Trust
11.50am How to refer to a vascular surgeon - a podiatry perspective (10 mins)
Martin Fox, Vascular Specialist Podiatrist, Manchester Local Care Organisation
  Sponsor session (5 mins)
12.05pm Record keeping. How to avoid the simple mistakes (15 mins)
Katie Harwood, Professional Support Officer
  Sponsor session (5 mins)
12.25pm Children's podiatry. Five steps to recognising red flags in paediatric MSK (20 mins)
Dr Stewart C Morrison, Reader, School of Health Sciences, University of Brighton
12.50pm Podiatric surgery. What to think about when conservative care doesn't seem to work (25 mins)
Mark Tagoe, Consultant Podiatric Surgeon, West Middlesex NHS Trust
1.15pm BREAK (20 mins) 
1.35pm Footprint evidence. Doncaster Christmas Day murder (case study) (20 mins)
Dr Sarah Reel, Senior Lecturer, University of Huddersfield
1.55pm Therapeutics of corticosteroids. Safe practice around competencies (20 mins)
Dr Sharon Rees, Associate Professor in Therapeutics and Prescribing, London South Bank University
  Advert (5 mins)
2.20pm Do you really need more time, or should you just get better at managing the time you have? (20 mins)
Dave James, Positive Pod, Birmingham
2.40pm CLOSE