Enclosed in this section are some of the key policy and guidance documents of the Royal College of Podiatry that relate to medicines, alongside some relevant national medicines documents that impact on the profession of podiatry.

It includes our substantive document: Good Practice in Prescribing and Medicines Management for Podiatrists, which addresses most issues relating to the prescribing of medicines. 

It also includes key documents from external agencies, such as the Prescribing-competency-Royal Pharmaceutical Society (A Competency Framework for all Prescribers), and The Health and Care Professions Council (Standards of Prescribing).

A number of Royal College of Podiatry Guidance Statements are included, as these form a key part of our policies on medicines.

For context, a small number of historically important documents are included, such as the “The Crown Report 1999” which provides the logic for independent and supplementary prescribing in podiatry.

Related key policy and guidance documents: