The College does not provide Assistants with their own insurance. However, The Royal College of Podiatry insurance policy for podiatrist members states the following: 

‘Under no circumstances can any person who is eligible for College membership but chooses, for whatever reason, not to be a member of the College, be covered under the insurance available to another College member.' 

Insurers have, however, specifically agreed to indemnify members when supervising the following:

  1. Registered students at approved schools of podiatry, provided they are being taught or examined in the branch or branches of chiropody in which the member is duly qualified. 

  2. Footcare Assistants, provided their duties are limited to the performance of such functions as have been recommended by the College, and that they have rapid access to the member

NB: ‘Rapid access’ means the member is in the same, or adjoining, building or is immediately contactable by electronic means (telephone/email) if the Footcare Assistant is working at a different location to that of the member. 

Treatment given by a Podiatry Assistant must be limited to that which a normal, healthy person would do for him or herself – that is, should be limited to the cutting of normal healthy nails. To ensure there is no misunderstanding, members are advised that no cover is available in the event of a Podiatry Assistant working in the domiciliary field, or in a residential establishment, unless the supervising member is present in the building at the same time or is immediately contactable by electronic means at the same time.