Podiatry clinics and PPE

Advice for members working in podiatry clinics on wearing PPE to avoid the need to self-isolate

If you are working in a podiatry clinic and are contacted by NHS Track and Trace and told to self-isolate, you should not need to do so if you have been wearing the correct personal protective equipment (PPE).

However, we are aware of a number of members who have had to self-isolate after removing their face covering and sharing a room with someone who has later tested positive for COVID-19, for example to eat lunch.

We therefore strongly recommend to all members that you should wear your mask at all times. We would also suggest:

  • Be aware of the beginning and end of the day and don/doff face masks/coverings before and after entering the building if multiple occupancy

  • If you need to remove your mask to eat, stagger lunchtimes so you are not in the same room at the same time as others

  • If someone is working behind a screened reception desk without a face covering, then they should don a face covering immediately they leave the screened area.
Further advice about wearing PPE can be found here.