Exhibition 2023

We are delighted to welcome over 50 exhibitors to Podiatry 2023 in Liverpool. We encourage all conference delegates to visit the Exhibition and find out what's new in our industry.

Find out more about Podiatry 2023

Advantice Health (Emtrix)

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American Board of Podiatric Medicine

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AF Association

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Affinity Therapy Equipment

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Visit Algeos's website

Autism Reality Experience

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Bailey Instruments Ltd

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Visit Biocomposites website

Birmingham Orthotic Services

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BTL Medical UK

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Callen Olive

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Celtic SMR Healthcare

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Visit Cliniko's website


Visit Clover's website


Visit Cosyfeet's website

C&P Medical Trading Ltd

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Cuxson Gerrard & Co Ltd

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Visit Dataplayer's website

Defence Medical Services 

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Dermatonics Ltd

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Diabetic Foot Journal

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DLT Podiatry Supplies

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DOLA Orthotics

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East Coast Podiatry

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Emblation Limited

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Erchonia Laser Ltd

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Espère Healthcare Ltd

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Visit Essity's website

Firefly Orthoses Ltd

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Foothealth UK Ltd

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Footmender All in One

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Gait & Motion Technology Ltd

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Gespodo SRL

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Get Shapes UK Ltd

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Giraffe Healthcare CIC

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Grahame Gardner Ltd

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Find out more about Huntleigh

-  Huntleigh vascular assessment

-  Huntleigh vascular treatmemt

ICB Orthotics and Footwear

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K-Laser UK - VBS Medical Ltd

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LBG Medical/Strive Footwear

Find out more about LBG Medical

Find out more about Strive Footwear

Leading Practice Limited

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Legs Matter

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Visit MESI UK Ltd's website


Visit Omniamed's website

Only Footcare Ltd

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Orca Medical

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OrthoSolutions Group Ltd

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Practice Plus Group Hospitals Ltd

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Raise Healthcare

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Visit RUCK UK's website

Schein Orthopadie Service

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Sevilla Components Ltd

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ShoeFit UK

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Sidas UK Ltd

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Visit SOCKSHOP's website

SurgiSol Ltd

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Swann-Morton Ltd

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Swift by Emblation

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TalarMade Ltd

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Visit the Thermetrix website


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Ultimate Podiatrist

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University of Plymouth

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