Annual Conference 2021, ACC Liverpool

Ultrasound – The Clinician's Stethoscope

  • Dr Syed Babar, Consultant Musculoskeletal and Sports Radiologist, Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust
  • Dr Sajid Butt, Consultant Radiologist, Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital
  • Dr Hifz-ur-Rah Aniq, Consultant MSK and Sports Radiologist, Liverpool University Hospitals Trust
  • Mr Matthew Fitzpatrick - Consultant Podiatrist and Chair of Conference, The Royal College of Podiatry

Learning objectives

  • Practical approach to understanding the technique of doing ultrasound of the foot and ankle
  • Practical anatomy demonstration and probe orientation guidance
  • Understanding the role of dynamic ultrasound
  • Recognise basic ultrasound structures of foot and ankle
  • Understand pathology concepts
  • Understand ultrasound guided minimally invasive treatment
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