The Royal College of Podiatry's Board of Directors

Council is the Royal College of Podiatry's Board of Directors. In 2020, College members voted for a smaller, streamlined Board of 12 to15 members. Council has strategic oversight of the Royal College. It works within the parameters of the Companies Act, Trade Union legislation and any company-related legislation. It approves key organisational change, adopts policy and decides the direction of travel for the Royal College.

Council meets four to five times a year and, in addition to taking care of the normal business of a company, works to promote high standards of professional practice to ensure that the public has confidence in the podiatry profession. A large part of its role is to scrutinise the work of the organisation, set a positive tone and culture, and seek assurance over the way in which the organisation is run by holding the Executive Team to account.

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Council members

Members of Council serve on top tier committees and sub-committees. Individual Council members may also be assigned responsibilities and duties that are personal to them, such as becoming a champion for a designated area, such as communications; equality, diversity and inclusivity; employment support; and clinical decision-making. Council is guided by the advice of the committees.

Each Council member serves for a term of office of three years with a maximum of nine years allowed over a lifetime as an ordinary member of Council. There are slightly different arrangements currently in place for those that are elected Chair of Council. 

A list of current Council members may be found here

Council elections

Council elections take place each spring to fill vacant seats. A call for nominations is published in the autumn each year. To stand for election to Council candidates must meet the eligibility regulations set out in the governance of the Royal College. Council members are elected by Voting Members of the College and take office after the end of the Annual General Meeting each year.

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