Louis Mamode

Louis Mamode

First Contact Practitioner on the Advancing Practice Pathway

Case study

Louis Mamode: First Contact Practitioner on the Advancing Practice Pathway

Louis undertook a summer internship with Versus Arthritis leading to a part-time research assistant role with the University of Southampton. Louis also worked part time in the NHS as a band 5 podiatrist. 

After some time, Louis transitioned into private work, and secured a position in a medical centre, where he worked with an interesting multi-disciplinary team, made up of GPs, practice nurses, and other AHPs.  

COVID-19 occurred, and Louis was trained to provide vaccinations against the virus to the patients under the medical centre. The GPs took a shine to Louis's podiatry role and discussed the new first contact practitioner (FCP) roles, which were being introduced. Louis reports the FCP role to be a positive challenge of extra learning, but to support this role, he began undertaking his MSc in Advanced Podiatry. Louis received mentorship and supervision weekly, working through case studies, which enabled him to build confidence as a FCP.  

Now working full-time as an FCP, Louis is on the professional growth journey of becoming an Advanced Clinical Practitioner, recommending for new graduates who are exploring this avenue, to be inquisitive with patient presentations and to look holistically at their symptoms, and to be surrounding by a supportive environment and team. 

Example of FCP Role in Action

A brilliant example of how important it is for podiatrists to be embedded in FCP roles, is highlighted by an experience of Louis's: 

"A patient came into the clinic for a review of their gout medication. During the appointment, he reported new symptoms of swelling in the lower legs. I undertook a complex history and physical assessment, listening to the patient's chest for heart function, respiratory function, and sounds, and sent him for blood tests. These investigations led to the patient being referred to cardiology services urgently and he went onto have urgent surgery for a heart valve replacement."