As a part of the Health Education England (HEE) funding for the AHP Programme, this project focuses on maximising our workforce’s return to practice movement. There is an emphasis on highlighting NHS portfolio careers in order to address key shortages within the NHS.

The project aligns with national priorities, as set out in the NHS Long Term Plan and the AHP Strategy for England, which prioritise increasing the supply within the workforce (including podiatry) by encouraging people (ie podiatrists) to return to practice.

Throughout this project, we aim to support a change in attitude to returning staff, promoting part-time and flexible working, as well as facilitating access to support worker roles pending registration. We also look to leadership return to the NHS and highlight Portfolio Careers.

Activities include:
  • Updating relevant guidance and RCPod webpages to improve user-friendliness for employers and mentors looking to support the return to practice
  • Capturing case studies on those who have returned to practice, and those who have supported members in returning to practice
  • Promoting the use of the mentorship platform, so that mentees looking for support and mentors offering support can connect easily.


Watch our video for an overview of the importance of returning to the profession, a look at returning to the NHS and NHS portfolio careers, routes for returning to the profession and the importance of mentorship.

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Supporting AHPs to return to practice and return to the NHS