Sponsorship terms and conditions

  1. Sponsor applications are handled on a “first come-first served” basis. Sponsors must be supportive of Chamberlain Dunn, and the client on whose behalf the sponsorship is sold. Chamberlain Dunn retains the right to reject any sponsor that it or its client deems inappropriate.
  1. Sponsors must sign the booking form which signals their agreement to these terms and conditions and return it to Chamberlain Dunn. An invoice will then be sent and must be paid within 30 days of invoice unless otherwise agreed in writing by Chamberlain Dunn.
  1. The sponsor must provide an image of their logo in the format required by Chamberlain Dunn and other details required (e.g. contact details, trademarks etc) to Chamberlain Dunn within 10 days of receipt of acceptance. In order to limit costs to Chamberlain Dunn, the event organisers may limit the number of colours used to print sponsor logos.
  1. All sponsorship materials must be submitted within the production schedule.
  1. The sponsorship fee does not include free conference registration unless specifically stated as a sponsor benefit.
  1. Sponsors may not sublet, assign or apportion any part of the item(s) sponsored nor represent advertise or distribute literature or materials for the products or services of any other firm or organisation except as approved in writing by Chamberlain Dunn.
  1. Chamberlain Dunn will not be liable for damage or loss to sponsors’ properties by fire, theft, accident, or any other cause.
  1. No part of an exhibit and signage or other materials may be pasted, nailed, or otherwise affixed to walls, doors or other surfaces in a way that marks or defaces the premises or equipment and furnishings. Damage from failure to observe this notice is payable by the sponsor. All electrical equipment must be able to pass an inspection by a Fire Marshall if required. All exhibits must be confined to the contracted space. Any material left by the exhibitor that requires additional cleaning will be paid by the exhibitor.
  1. If Chamberlain Dunn is required to reschedule this event, this booking will automatically be rolled over to the new dates. If the sponsor is unable to attend these dates, a full refund less a 30% administration fee will be issued upon request, as long as such a request is received within 14 days of notification.
  1. By signing this contract, the sponsor acknowledges that this event may take place physically, virtually, or as a combination of the two. Should an event take place physically, Chamberlain Dunn will - in conjunction with the venue and to a reasonable degree - ensure that the current government guidelines regarding best hygiene practice and social distancing are enforced.
  1. Chamberlain Dunn cannot be held liable for poor internet connections or software platform failure; no refund will be due if there is an internet or software failure. Chamberlain Dunn cannot be held liable for harm to any device or loss of data. Chamberlain Dunn has no control over and assumes no responsibility for the content, private policies, or practices of any Third Party Service. If the sponsor accesses a Third Party Service through the Services, they do so at their own risk.
  1. In the event of a breach in these terms and conditions, Chamberlain Dunn shall be entitled to treat the sponsor as having cancelled without prejudice to any other rights the organiser may have against the sponsor.

Payment terms: 

  1. 30 days from date of receipt of the invoice, unless otherwise agreed with Chamberlain Dunn. Overdue debts shall be handed over for collection with costs.
  1. (a) The Client is not permitted to cancel this Contract except with the written consent of Chamberlain Dunn
(b) Where there is an agreed cancellation permitted by paragraph (a) above, the Client shall pay to Chamberlain Dunn the amount, representing liquidated damages to compensate Chamberlain Dunn for all losses incurred as a result of the cancellation, as follows:-
(i) 80% of the contract price for cancellation made more than 6 months prior to the start date of the event; or (ii) 100% of the contract price for cancellation made 6 months or less prior to the start date of the event. Non-attendance is subject to full payment.

  1. If your internal accounting procedures/policies require purchase order numbers to be quoted on invoices, please ensure that a copy of the signed purchase order is attached to the signed booking form.