The Career framework

Upon qualifying, podiatrists are accredited by the RCPod and, once registered, regulated by the HCPC, which obliges healthcare professionals to work at a standard of proficiency. This encapsulates the purpose of continued professional development (CPD) learning, which can be used to keep some training up to date, and also tailored to the practitioner's interests to further increase capabilities within particular areas. Both in the NHS and private sector, CPD can often be developed to meet the service demands.

The four pillars of practice

CPD falls under four categories known as the four pillars, which underpin practice. These are: clinical practice; leadership and management; education; and research

To support professional growth, capability frameworks can be utilised to identify the level the practitioner is currently operating at; and by mapping this against the Career framework, podiatrists can explore career progression opportunities. This can be undertaken as a self-reflective activity, or this could be worked through with a mentor or employer.

How to use the Career framework
Watch the video below to learn more from Dr Emma Cowley about how to use the Career framework.

To encapsulate a 360° reflection, gaining feedback from service users and colleagues, and reflecting on your  capabilities, can provide a detailed overview of yourself as a clinician, and will be a great tool to highlight strengths and areas for improvement.

A variety of capability frameworks are available including:

Reflection activity using the test tube infographic below

As a Level 5 leaving university, the fullest test tube is 'clinical skills', whereas when working at a Level 8, further career progression has filled the test tubes representing 'leadership', facilitating learning/'education' and 'research', as less specialised clinical capabilities have been delegated to Bands 5, 6 and 7.

Reflection: What could you start doing in your practice to fill a test tube you’d be interested in developing? What support might you need to fill that test tube? Is there a test tube you might need to stop filling to focus on this?