Involvement in research will build any podiatrist's credibility, skillset and ultimately the care we deliver to our patients. In reflecting on current evidence bases and systems of management our clinical skills are enhanced, and confidence will increase in the practical application to our roles. Reviewing our current treatment regimes and outcomes, producing case reflections and reports, and carrying out audits within our practice should be essential parts of our daily practice and business models.

In developing further into research there are personal, professional, and business benefits. In independent practice being involved in research within the business model is a fantastic esteem indicator, increasing the credibility of your practice by showing progression, widening scope, and versatility. In doing so the potential to attract a higher bar of patients and raise the bar for the reputation of the clinic.

Tax relief for research

Explore what the government says about tax relief for research and development projects and corporation tax relief. Go to

Case study: Nick Knight: Nick Knight introduces us to his journey of independent practice and how he has integrated research into everyday practice within his business model

Incentives for publishing

As an RCPod member, there is free access to the Journal of Foot and Ankle Research (JFAR)and members can submit papers for consideration free of charge, with the cost for non-member submission being £1,990. Find out more here.