Opportunities for new graduates

As a new graduate podiatrist, there is a wide range of exciting roles available for you to explore. This entails navigating through various opportunities and determining the most suitable options for your career path. Making decisions about your professional journey is crucial, and we strongly encourage you to take the time to consider your aspirations and plan the necessary steps to achieve your goals.

The field of podiatry offers numerous avenues across different sectors and settings, with some positions requiring specialised skills while others provide opportunities to develop a diverse range of abilities. Additionally, it's important to consider personal factors such as location, working schedules, and financial aspects, as they can influence your professional growth and development.

Keep in mind that your journey in podiatry may not solely involve clinical practice. There are other potential paths in research, policy, management, leadership, public health, and teaching, which are commonly pursued within this field. You don't have to have a definitive idea of where you'll be in five years, but your initial role will offer an excellent chance to explore various options and discover your interests.

The Career Framework

The Career Framework is a tool for mapping your professional growth. Learn more about the revision of the career framework here. 


Newly Qualified Podiatrist's Toolkit - A guide to help you in your search for employment on qualifying as a podiatrist

This toolkit is designed to support you as you start your journey as a qualified podiatrist, covering topics such as preparing for employment, working in the NHS and private sector, and further education. Browse or download it here