Celebrating International Archives Day: Showcasing the Centre for the History of Podiatric Medicine

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Today (9 June), we join a global celebration of a vital yet often overlooked facet of our cultural heritage: archives. International Archives Day takes place every year on 9 June, and it champions the essential role that archives play in preserving our history, safeguarding our rights, and fostering a deeper understanding of our collective past.

We are pleased to share a special photo gallery of archive material for this year’s International Archives Day 2024, containing interesting photographs and items from the profession’s past.

Why Archives Matter

Archives are more than just repositories of old documents and records. They are the stewards of our history and the changes, developments and modernisations that have occurred over time. From ancient manuscripts to historical letters and items, archives capture the breadth and depth of the human experience. The RCPod’s Centre for the History of Podiatric Medicine (CHoPM) is an important part of who we are and captures and protects our history and origins.

Here are a few reasons why CHoPM is so important

Preserving History: CHoPM maintains records of events and provides access to the history of podiatry, from its earliest origins, to the way that podiatry education developed over time.

Enabling Research: Many different professions rely on archives like CHoPM for research. The insights gained from archival research can influence news and journalism, conferences, policy work and cultural preservation.

Building a community: CHoPM gives all podiatrists a shared understanding of their profession’s past and guides efforts to protect it for the future.

The Role of Archivists

Behind every well-maintained archive are dedicated archivists. These professionals are the unsung heroes who meticulously organise, preserve, and make accessible the vast troves of information. Their expertise ensures that records are kept in conditions that prevent deterioration. We are thanful to our own archivists, our Curator of Archives Sue Hardiman, Chair of CHoPM Dr Ivan Bristow as well as Dom Hardiman.

Celebrating International Archives Day

On this International Archives Day, let's take a moment to appreciate the incredible work done by archivists and the significance of the archives they protect. Here are a few ways to celebrate and support archives:

Visit an Archive: Many archives host special events, exhibitions, and tours. Whether it's a historical centre for podiatry or a national archive, visiting in-person can provide a tangible connection to the past.

Explore Online Archives: Take advantage of online collections. Websites like The National Archives in the UK, universities and many other cultural institutions offer vast digital collections accessible from anywhere.

Share Your Story: Consider contributing to oral history projects or community archives. Personal stories and family histories add valuable perspectives.

Support Archival Work: Whether through volunteering, donating, or simply spreading the word, supporting archival institutions and initiatives helps ensure that these invaluable resources remain available for future generations.

Click here to see this year’s photo gallery.