Royal College of Podiatry submits evidence for NHS Pay Review 2024

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Evidence supports call for pay rise to tackle cost-of-living crisis

The Royal College of Podiatry has submitted evidence to the NHS Pay Review Body for 2024. The College gathered the information from NHS members and workplace representatives through surveys. The findings are detailed in today's published report, strongly supporting the College's claim to the NHS Pay Review Body.

What is the College's claim on behalf of its NHS members?

The College wants all its members in the NHS and other bodies undertaking NHS work, such as Social Enterprises, to receive a consolidated pay rise exceeding inflation, ensuring that members can navigate the cost-of-living crisis which has affected the UK for some time. The College believes its members work to a high standard and furthermore play a critical role in the health of the nation. This needs to be recognised in a substantial pay rise which will also help recruitment and retention into the podiatry profession and NHS workforce.

The College opposes a separate pay spine for a specific group of staff under Agenda for Change (AfC) and has used today’s evidence as another opportunity to advocate instead for reform within the AfC system.

Read the full evidence here