Call for members of the Research, Development and Innovation Committee

Two seats are available on this committee. The deadline for self-nomination is 1 September 2022

The Royal College of Podiatry welcomes the self-nomination of members to its Research, Development and Innovation Committee to fill two vacant seats.

This committee of experts exists to promote ‘the advancement of research and education of the public in the art and science of podiatric health relating in particular, but not limited to, the prevention and the treatment of diseases and conditions of the foot and lower limbs’. The Committee reports to the Clinical Senate and in pursuit of its aims, the Committee has the following objectives:

  • Be the advisory body on all matters relating to research and development
  • Advise on policy and strategy for the development and implementation of activities relating to research, evaluation, audit, and evidence-based practice
  • Advise on research-related CPD
  • Draft responses to consultation papers relating to research and development
  • Advise on research programmes and other related activity required to underpin the College’s policies and campaigns
  • Liaise with the Conference Committee on the research programme for the College’s Annual Conference
  • Advise on sources of funding for research
  • Facilitate networking of members involved in research
  • Facilitate the development of members new to research
  • Liaise with external research bodies and organisations involved in health research
  • Receive proposals for research
  • Advise on priorities for research activity with the podiatry profession
  • Act as a conduit for research activity relevant to the profession
  • Make all necessary arrangements to support specific College awards and prizes

In addition, please note that:

  • The Committee meets three times a year by video-conference but can occasionally meet face-to-face. Committee business is conducted by email communication and video conference inbetween meetings
  • If a face-to-face meeting is scheduled it will take place at the offices of the Royal College in London and will commence at 11.30am and in general is finished by 4.30pm
  • Travel expenses/expenses incurred for travel to attend a meeting will be reimbursed
  • Lunch is provided for meetings that take place at the Royal College office.

As already stated, we have two available seats on this occasion. As such, should we receive more nominations than there are seats available, the existing Committee members will be asked to participate in a blind vote to fill the two vacant seats.

To submit a nomination please complete the dedicated microsoft form at https://forms.office.com/r/P0H0Ltx0C4 and send by email a copy of your CV and election address of no longer than 500 words to kim.bryan@rcpod.org.uk.

The closing date for applications is Thursday 1 September 2022.

All enquiries are to be directed to the Postgraduate Education Officer (email: kim.bryan@rcpod.org.uk).