Update on the use of face masks

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The last COVID-19 measure is removed in England, Wales and Northern Ireland

The Northern Irish government, along with the English and Welsh governments, has now removed the requirement for face masks in healthcare settings unless there is a risk of splashing or known COVID-19 infection. This is the last COVID-19 measure to be removed, so members should follow national IPC guidance and RCPod standards.

If you still wish to have a policy in place, you can if it is a blanket policy for all. For instance, if you have a risk assessment requiring patients and staff to wear face masks.

Read the guidance for:


Scotland is still advocating the use of face coverings but this is due to be reviewed anytime now – we will alert members as soon as face coverings are removed and the NIPC is in place.

Find out more on the National Infection Prevention and Control Manual website.

We remind members in all countries that they should still wear FFP face masks when using nail drills as per the nail drill guidance.