Royal College of Podiatry warns of 'crisis of morale and staffing levels' in the NHS

NHS pay
The Royal College of Podiatry (RCPod) has submitted its evidence to the Pay Review Body (PRB).

RCPod calls for a pay rise for NHS staff that restores the value of NHS pay scales over a clear timetable. The professional body for podiatrists is also demanding that the 2022-23 pay rise is a significant ‘down payment’ as part of that restoration.

RCPod recently gathered evidence from its members to inform its submission to the PRB. From the data collected, the College reports that 91% of its members say that morale in the health service is worse than a year ago. RCPod members also report that low staffing levels are impacting patient care.

Steve Jamieson, Royal College of Podiatry Chief Executive and General Secretary, said:

“The staffing crisis has its roots in a sustained policy of low pay that means that newly qualified podiatrists are seeking employment outside of the NHS. The health service does not currently attract this new talent. With many newly qualified podiatrists’ careers starting elsewhere, it is the patients who rely on the NHS who suffer. It is for that reason that we are calling for a pay rise that restores value to NHS pay scales and starts to help address the roots of the staffing crisis”.