The Royal College of Podiatry makes a vital contribution to Walk Yourself Happy, by Julia Bradbury

Julia Bradbury 600 x 400
The Royal College of Podiatry is proud to announce its contribution to the forthcoming book, ‘Walk Yourself Happy’ by Julia Bradbury.

Published by Little, Brown today (14 September) the publisher approached the College to request information and expert clinical advice to help with Chapter 7: ‘Fancy Feet’. The Chapter, which focuses on walking and the importance of good foot health, features Dr Helen Branthwaite (pictured left), the College’s Musculoskeletal (MSK) Lead, who worked with the author on the content and subject matter.

Walk Yourself Happy explores the transformative impact of walking on mental and physical health. As the leading authority on podiatric care in the UK, the College is uniquely placed to speak about the vital connection between foot health, mobility, and the benefits of walking. The book tells how maintaining healthy feet is crucial for individuals to engage in regular walking, a practice that can significantly enhance both mental and physical wellbeing. The book also provides valuable insights into foot care, common conditions, and encourages individuals to prioritise their foot health for a happier, healthier life.

Julia Bradbury said:

"Our feet are amazing! It was enlightening to talk to Dr Helen Branthwaite about them for my book. Thanks to the Royal College of Podiatry for its valuable contribution: feet are so overlooked (really) when it comes to our health but they are the foundations of our body architecture."

Dr Helen Branthwaite, MSK Project Lead at the Royal College of Podiatry, said:

"Foot health is an integral component of overall wellbeing, and we are delighted to contribute towards Walk Yourself Happy to hammer this point home. Julia is one of the most popular and well-known writers and broadcasters about the benefits of walking. Our chapter aims to educate readers on the importance of podiatry in supporting their walking journey and enjoying the many benefits it brings. We couldn’t refuse the opportunity to raise awareness about the critical role of podiatry in overall wellbeing on a national level."

Walk Yourself Happy is available in all good bookstores and online. This book serves as an essential resource for anyone interested in improving their health and happiness through the simple act of walking and provides a gateway for people to learn more about what podiatry is, and how podiatrists can improve their health.

(Photograph of Julia Bradbury © David Venni)