Diabetes Africa launches a new Diabetes footcare in dark skin tones handbook

Diabetes Africa Handbook 600 x 400
The new resource, which includes information and advice for podiatrists, exists to reduce health inequalities for those living with diabetes

Diabetes Africa has today (5 June 2024) published a new handbook on Diabetes footcare in dark skin tones. The publication features a Foreword by the Chairman of the Royal College of Podiatry (RCPod). The RCPod assisted Diabetes Africa and its expert team of authors and reviewers with insights and guidance to enhance the handbook’s multi-disciplinary approach.

Diabetes Africa is a non-governmental not-for-profit organisation that works to eradicate diabetes in people of black, African and African Caribbean heritage globally. The RCPod has been invited to take part in a panel discussion about diabetes footcare in dark skin tones at its UK Forum 2024 in November.  

Michelle Scott, Chairman of Council of the Royal College of Podiatry said:

“This handbook is an invaluable resource, helping clinicians build confidence and expertise in identifying and accurately assessing individuals across the full spectrum of skin tones. It supports clinicians to use respectful language and appropriate tools when establishing baseline skin colour for patients.”

Lawrence Ambrose, Head of Policy and Public Affairs at the College said:

“The publication of this handbook is another step to reduce the health inequalities faced by people with black and brown skin. For too long, educational resources have featured solely Caucasian skin tones. We are delighted to support Diabetes Africa with publication of this handbook.”

Download the handbook here.