Podium Professional joins the Royal College of Podiatry Professionally Approved range

Professionally Approved
Professionally Approved Podium 600 x 400
Thermetrix’s thermal foot monitor is the latest product to gain approval

The Royal College of Podiatry (RCPod) has welcomed Podium Professional to the Professionally Approved range. The range recognises products that improve the life and patient care of its members. Podium Professional, the flagship product in the Thermetrix range, uses thermography to bolster clinical diagnoses and pathways by detecting areas of concern in a patient’s feet. Podium’s reports provide additional evidence to podiatrists which can support referrals and shorten treatment pathways. 

This early warning system allows the clinician to predict where ulcerations will occur in the feet and take measures to prevent them. It is of particular use when treating those living with diabetes, where foot ulcerations can lead to devastating consequences and have a profound impact on a patient’s quality of life and life expectancy. Variations in symmetrical foot plantar profiles can also help confirm early stages of charcot foot and peripheral neuropathy. Other applications include musculoskeletal trauma (MSK) and vascular conditions such as peripheral arterial disease (PAD), and macro and microangiopathy.

Natasha Smith, Business Development Manager at the Royal College of Podiatry, said:

“I am delighted to welcome Podium Professional to our range of Professionally Approved products. The team at Thermetrix has a clear goal of improving lower limb health through detection, prevention and early intervention which aligns with the College’s goals.”

Dr Russel Payne, Chief Executive Officer of Thermetrix, added:

“We are proud to receive this recognition from such a distinguished institution. Thermetrix prides itself on producing devices at the cutting edge of medical technology. The Professionally Approved status for our flagship product is a testament to our unwavering dedication to delivering products that resonate with the pinnacle of industry standards.”

To find out more about the Podium Professional, visit the Thermetrix website at https://podium.care/.

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