COVID-19 and end of lockdown in England

Return to a three-tier system of restrictions when lockdown ends in England on 2 December.

The Prime Minister has announced that when lockdown ends on 2 December 2020, England will return to a regional three-tiered system in its efforts to contain the virus.

Please note that access to healthcare is not affected by the tier system and podiatrists can continue to practise across all three tiers. 

Other developments:

  • Rapid turn-around testing is to be introduced to seek to end the need for self-isolation should you come into contact with someone who tests positive for COVID-19. We will let members know how this will affect them once further guidance is available.
  • The NHS is preparing a nation-wide immunisation programme and may put out a call for healthcare practitioners, including podiatrists, to assist in delivering the programme. We will let members know as soon as we know more about this.
  • We are continuing to lobby the government on the need for all podiatrists,  wherever they working, to receive the vaccine at the same time as other frontline workers, ideally as early as possible in the vaccination programme.