COVID-19 vaccination programme

Healthcare workers to be trained to assist with the COVID-19 vaccination programme

The Government has announced yesterday (12 November) that healthcare workers will be trained to assist with the COVID-19 vaccination programme, including allied health professionals (AHPs) such as podiatrists.

Podiatrists have the skills to administer vaccinations and have been doing so in recent years for seasonal 'flu and swine 'flu.  

GPs and NHS trusts will be commissioned to roll out the vaccination programme through their existing facilities and through regional vaccination centres similar to the COVID-19 testing centres. Once this commission occurs then local providers may put a call out for extra healthcare workers to join their team to administer the vaccines. 

Members can apply for these roles if they wish and they will be provided with any appropriate training they may need. We will let members know when these opportunities occur.

Find out more in the DHSC announcement of 12 November, New measures to support roll-out of vaccines in the UK