HSC mileage rate in Northern Ireland

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Update on work-related fuel costs for Health Trust staff in Northern Ireland

On 23 June 2022, the Health Minister for Northern Ireland, Robin Swann, announced a mileage rate increase for Health Trust staff.

The increase applies to work-related car travel undertaken by our members. The current rates are 56ppm for the first 3,500 miles, and 20ppm for each mile thereafter. The Minister has decided to increase the rate paid for mileage incurred above 3,500 miles to 30ppm for an initial six month period, to be reviewed. This measure is designed to benefit those who are required to use their vehicles most frequently. Further details can be found here.

The Minister has indicated that paying this increased rate through staff payroll systems will take some time to implement, although payments will be backdated. The College is seeking clarity on the date of implementation as this will impact on any backdating. In the interim, Trusts are being asked to explore issuing fuel cards to eligible staff when they reach the 3,500 mile threshold.

The College acknowledges this may not go far enough to relieve the immediate pressures our members are under in relation to fuel costs and we will continue to campaign for members while we await further details on the use of fuel cards.