Royal College of Podiatry initiates negotiations with Bupa over Podiatry Network terms

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College representatives engage with Bupa to address dissatisfaction among Bupa-registered podiatrists regarding fees, scope of practice, and facility recognition

The Royal College of Podiatry has recently begun negotiations with Bupa about the current terms and conditions of the Bupa Podiatry Network.

Podiatrists can apply to join the Podiatry Network. If successful, they join a list of Bupa-recognised podiatrists whose services are made available to Bupa’s health insurance customers.

The College was represented by Graham Pirie, Employment Relations Officer, and Liam McManus, Member of Council, in negotiations.

The Bupa Podiatry Network began over 15 years ago. Since then, and despite efforts to communicate with Bupa, the College and individually recognised members have not been able to open negotiations.

The RCPod recently made a breakthrough and started negotiations with Bupa. Some of the company’s senior representatives are currently reviewing how the company works with podiatrists. Bupa recognised that the College’s members have expressed significant dissatisfaction with their unwillingness to:

  • Increase fees
  • Expand the scope of practice
  • Recognise podiatry facilities.

The College’s negotiations centre on resolving these three aspects. This negotiation does not relate to Podiatric Surgeons. 

The views of Bupa-registered podiatrists have been plainly discussed in recent meetings.

Further such meetings are in the diary so that the College can continue its negotiations. The RCPod will keep its members informed of any developments.