Royal College of Podiatry statement on mandatory vaccinations

mandatory vaccination
heathcare workers
Our response to the government consultation on mandatory COVID-19 vaccinations for healthcare workers
The Royal College of Podiatry (RCPod) supports the COVID-19 vaccination programme, and it has used its voice to encourage its members to use it for their safety and that of their patients. However, RCPod recognises that not all members - or all healthcare workers - are in a position to be vaccinated. RCPod does not discriminate as to the reasons why individuals decide not to take the COVID-19 vaccine. The College's long-held stance is that educating people about the health benefits of the vaccine is the correct thing to do. Therefore, the College does not support mandatory vaccination.

RCPod, along with other healthcare unions and professional bodies, has liaised with the government about this matter. The College contributed extensively to the government's consultation. RCPod advised that mandatory vaccination will cause significant problems within healthcare and warned that it could potentially displace an indicated 8% of staff who cannot receive the COVID-19 vaccination; this would cause a substantial impact on services.

The College is aware of stories that have appeared in the national press in recent weeks, notably in The Guardian on 3 November, suggesting that the government will proceed and make vaccinations mandatory for all NHS workers. The College would like to reiterate that this is, for the moment, speculation. The government has not confirmed what their final decision will be, one way or the other. Once the College is made aware of the government's final decision, it will advise and assist its members as appropriate and continue to work with the other professional bodies on this issue. Until then, the College will continue to use its influence as a professional body and trade union so that when an announcement from the government arrives, it can be well-placed to guide its members.